Interested in exploring the connection between ATLs and Concept-based Inquiry? Join us as we dive into strategies for this work.

Starting November 2021, MiniPD will be hosting a learning cohort that focuses on Approaches To Learning (ATL).

Over a period of four sessions, we will show you how to implement ATL through Concept-Based inquiry, differentiated instruction, using assessment models, collaborative coaching, and hands-on unit design.
Explore and practice specific teaching strategies that will support you and your students in the inductive process by coming up with their own understanding of approaches to learning.

In this cohort, participants will think deeply about questions such as:

  • How can our understanding of ATL skills improve the learners’ journey?
  • What are some teaching strategies that promote students’ understanding?
  • Can transfer be taught?
  • How can skills form the foundation for learning experiences?
  • How can we determine the important ATL skill indicators?
  • How can we map the ATL skills with the subject specific assessment objectives?
  • Why do ATL skills need integration?
  • How do we assure that skills are measured and not assessed?

At the end of the cohort, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the ATL skills to support the students learning in the unit.
  • Outline the nature of learning experiences or engagements required to incorporate the ATL in units.
  • Create differentiated assessments to measure the student learning.
  • Develop practices on how to align skills with the objective strand for better student outcomes and integrated learning experiences.
  • Collaborate with different subjects to promote progression of learning within the school community.

Discuss and collaborate in a variety of activities within their learning communities. Join us for this informative series and be more confident in how to implement the ATLs in meaningful ways!

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