MiniPD, with over 100 coaches (and the new coaches joining us every week), wishes you a Happy 2022! We are excited for our learning journey ahead, together with you.

2021 – The MiniPD Birth Year!

In August 2021, MiniPD launched its beta version with a virtual coaching platform that connects educators worldwide with experienced international educators to provide personalized professional learning that truly impacts practice. Since the launch, your enthusiasm and support has convinced us that we are on the right path to serving the learning needs of international educators. Thank you, for your warm response and encouragement!

“Wow, your vision for MiniPD and coaching is so innovative and spot on! Thank you for sharing. I know that your efforts will be very much appreciated by thousands of teachers and coordinators all around the world.”

“PD is an exclusive thing – where only wealthy schools get the opportunity to share their expertise at conferences. MiniPD is taking that back and spreading the wealth by allowing all coaches and learners to connect.”

“Professional learning feeds a teacher’s soul. Social connection supports the human in all of us. Personal choice fuels the mental drive. This is a fantastic way to address Teacher Professional Development”

2022 – We Grow Together

MiniPD is about choice and support in the learning process. In 2022, we will be introducing the MiniPD Learning Pathways, a way for YOU to choose or create learning journeys using Certificate Courses, MiniPD Courses, and personalized Coaching. These learning experiences are tailor-designed to meet the needs of international educators.

A Gift From Us

Use the coupon code HAPPY2022 to get a 30-min personalized coaching session for only $21. Start the New Year with insightful conversations!