An Introduction to MiniPD

You have questions, we have answers.

Who is MiniPD for?

YouMiniPD is for anyone learner seeking professional learning and growth. Whether you are a classroom teacher, a school administrator, a staff member, if you are seeking to upskill and grow professionally, MiniPD is for you!

What is the cost for using MiniPD?

It’s always free to set up a MiniPD account. With the free account, you have access to an indexed collection of articles on various topics of interest for today’s educators. For a limited time, you can even enroll in MiniCourses for free as well! Beyond the promotional period, the cost of MiniCourses and having 1-on-1 coaching range from $20-$100 USD. MiniPD is a Professional Learning Marketplace, where you can decide how much you spend, depending on your needs.

It is always free to create a MiniPD account!

  • Free: Articles, some MiniCourses, some Webinars
  • $ : 30 minute Coaching Session
  • $ MiniCourse
  • $ Event
Who are the MiniPD coaches, and how does MiniPD ensure the quality of the coaches?

MiniPD coaches are education practitioners with deep expertise and experience in particular areas.  They use their knowledge and experience to guide you where you want help most.  The MiniPD team has a rigorous selection process and standards for our coaches.  And remember, because we believe that the global educator  learning community is stronger when we all share our knowledge and learn from each other, we are always looking for more educator superstars to join our coaching team.  If you are interested, learn more about coaching and apply today!!

Since MiniPD coaches are educators busy with their own work, how do I know when I can talk to them and get their direct help?

Yes, our MiniPD coaches are educators, and like you, they are busy!  As their commitment to being a coach in MiniPD, they are making at least 1-2 hours available per week, and their availability calendar is presented to you when you click on the “Book” buttons on their profile.  As a global coaching team, we offer sessions in a variety of timezones!  If your ideal time is not available, please check back, as our coaches update their availability regularly; or select other coaches with similar expertise.

If I change schools, do I lose my professional learning history and have to create a new account?

MiniPD is centered on the unique needs of educators and is built to grow with anyone’s professional journey. That’s why we make it free for you to keep your account, even when you transition between schools that may or may not subscribe to MiniPD.  Please make sure to make your personal email your primary account, in order to ensure access if your former email is disconnected.

Can school administrators and staff members use MiniPD for their professional growth too?

Totally!  Each school or organization is a learning community.  For the learning community to prosper, everyone needs to participate.  MiniPD aspires to give everyone working in education the opportunity to be a self-directed learner, with voice and choice, and that includes school administrators and staff members.  On MiniPD, you can find coaches on Leadership & Management, as well as School Admissions and Marketing!

We heard organizations can sign up to use MiniPD as a group. What additional benefits do organization accounts provide?

Glad you asked!  Organizations’ subscription gives everyone at the school unlimited access to all the core courses in MiniPD.  It also allows schools to allocate PD funding that members of the school account can use towards coaching and other specialty courses.  To find out more about MiniPD for Schools, contact us at

Our school has already hired PD professionals to provide training and workshops for us,how would MiniPD be used?

Schools, based on their strategic goals of the year, will organize PD events for educators.  MiniPD is a great way to supplement these PD events, to allow educators to dig deeper into the concepts and practices introduced during these events, get personalized support while putting these concepts & practices into use in their classrooms.  MiniPD also provides a flexible way for educators to seek help and support on topics that their schools have not organized PD for.  Just like the students in our classrooms, there is no one size that fits all our needs!  Educators come to MiniPD to get the personalized support they need to grow professionally.