Embracing the Learner in Every Educator

MiniPD elevates professional learning for educators. By creating a community of learners and coaches, we shift how learning happens to make the experience global, flexible, affordable, and impactful. We believe that, with agency and choice, educators can drive their own learning.

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Strategies to Drive Engagement: How can we Enable the Learning to Flow?

When students are engaged they are more likely to excel. As educators we know the importance of engaging our students. It is the key that unlocks learning and achievement. 

Responding to the PD Needs of your DP Team

DP teachers are subject-matter experts on the subject that they teach, as well as education practitioners who design learning experiences that ignite their students interest..

Building a CAS Programme to be Proud Of

CAS coordinators no longer need to work alone to build and sustain a successful CAS programme.

Approaches to Learning: Bridging the MYP/DP Gap

Interested in exploring the connection between ATLs and Concept-based Inquiry? Join us as we dive into strategies for this work.

Creating an Interdisciplinary Unit

As an active member of the IB Educator Network since 2010, Diane Smith is dedicated to helping teachers navigate the sometimes murky world of MYP implementation.

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