Reimagine Professional Learning

MiniPD elevates professional learning for educators. By creating a community of learners and coaches, we shift how learning happens to make the experience global, flexible, affordable, and impactful. We believe that, with agency and choice, educators can drive their own learning.

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Schools Around the World use MiniPD to:

Supplement group PD events with personalized sessions

Utilize a global network of teacher experts to meet each faculty members’ unique needs

Support the professional growth for the whole school, from teachers and administrators to teaching assistants and support staff

Maximize the impact on faculty professional growth and bring clarity to what areas teachers are seeking PD in

How MiniPD Works

With MiniPD, you become part of a global learning community. Community members help each other with specific learning needs.


  • Subscribe to MiniPD and choose a package that fits your budget
  • Allow each faculty member the freedom the choose the format of learning that best fits their learning preference and available time
  • Have clear visibility of how each team member is using their PD fund, and what topics they are learning about

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Teachers and School Staff

  • Browse PD content, and discover coaches who offer services most relevant to your growth goals
  • Connect 1-on-1 with PD coaches and let their expertise help you reach your next learning goal
  • Choose whom you work with, when you learn and how often you meet with your coach

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MiniPD Coaches

  • Customize your MiniPD coach profile to showcase your expertise and describe how you can help other educators
  • Manage your calendar to share when you are available to provide MiniPD sessions
  • Enter the built-in MiniPD video conference room when your scheduled session starts and make a difference in another educator’s professional journey

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