Embracing the Learner in Every Educator

MiniPD is professional learning content, resources and services by international education practitioners, for international education practitioners.  With a global community of learners and coaches, we make the learning experience more personal, flexible and equitable. Discover our full range of innovative professional learning packages, intentionally created to meet you where you are.

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MiniPD offers self-guided courses developed by thought-leaders, as well as experienced educator practitioners. They support educators in developing a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding across a range of areas that impact students learning and their school experience.

Intentionally Designed

Our research-informed courses are designed to align with accreditation standards and busy school staff schedules.

University Recognition

Earn graduate credits from a Research 1 university by completing courses of your choice.

Equitable Access

Courses developed by experienced international education professionals made available and affordable to all schools.

Space for Reflection

Interactive and downloadable learning logs support reflection on the content and its application.

Modelled Inquiry

Guiding questions, prompts and provocations invite practitioners to inquire into their own practice.

Global Connections

Learners can connect with our online community to discuss the learning and deepen understanding.


Our one-to-one Coaching Sessions are led by a community of over 100 experienced international educators – delivering meaningful professional development opportunities, tailored to each learner’s specific needs.

Expert Practitioners

Our coaches are all experienced international educators – carefully selected for their expertise.

Easy Online Access

Coaching sessions are booked and take place via our custom-built platform, with integrated video conferencing.

Flexible & Convenient

Learners are able to book coaching sessions to suit their busy professional schedule – learning anytime, anywhere!

Wide-Ranging Topics

With hundreds of topics on offer, learners can pair up with coaches able to target the areas that matter most to them.

Personal Approach

All our coaches are trained using the MiniPD Coaching Framework – helping them to identify and respond to each learner’s needs.


Many of our coaches are able to offer sessions in multiple languages, based on the learner’s preference.

MiniPD Packages

Explore our flexible MiniPD Packages, and discover a whole-school Professional Development solution that truly works for you.

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Best ValueAll-Inclusive Courses

  • All core courses and minicourses
  • New courses added every year
  • Add coaching sessions as needed

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PYP/MYP/DP Packages

  • Selected core courses and minicourses that best match PYP,MYP or DP educators’ needs.
  • Add coaching sessions as needed

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Daily strategies and resources, shared by our coaching community, based on a monthly theme.

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Resources curated by our team based on the monthly theme.

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School Testimonials

“Professional learning feeds a teacher’s soul. Social connection supports the human in all of us. Personal choice fuels the mental drive. This is a fantastic way to address Teacher Professional Development.”

Emily Cave – Director of Bay Academy

“We have found that PD can be effectively delivered virtually. MiniPD has developed a program that allows PD to be delivered 24/7… No longer do teachers have to sit and get the PD, now they can be active partners in their professional development. Teachers can decide what they need to improve and through MiniPD they can do it on their own timeline. MiniPD is the first to deliver PD that is effective, professional, and meets the needs of teachers around the world.”

Larry Molacek – Superintendent, Advanced Learning Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MiniPD for?

MiniPD is for any educator seeking professional learning and growth. Whether you are a classroom teacher, a school administrator, a staff member, if you are seeking to upskill and grow professionally, MiniPD is for you! The content and services that MiniPD offers are intentionally designed for international educators, so if you work at a school offering an international education, you will find our offerings most relevant.

How do I start using MiniPD?

As an individual educator, you can start taking MiniPD courses or sign up for coaching via the MiniPD website.

If you would like to bring MiniPD to your school, please contact our Sales Team to get started!

Who are MiniPD coaches, and how does MiniPD ensure the quality of the coaches?

MiniPD coaches are education practitioners with deep expertise and experience in particular areas. They use their knowledge and experience to guide you to areas where you need help the most.

All MiniPD coaches undergo a rigorous selection process and receive ongoing professional learning opportunities to help them develop their coaching skills, following the MiniPD coaching domains of Compassion, Mutuality and Resourcefulness.

Since MiniPD coaches are educators busy with their own work, how do I know when I can talk to them and get their direct help?

Yes, our MiniPD coaches are educators, and like you, they are busy! They make at least 1-2 hours available per week for MiniPD coaching, and their availability calendar is presented to you when you click on the “Book” buttons on their profile. As a global coaching team, we offer sessions in a variety of timezones. If your ideal time is not available, please check back later, as our coaches update their availability regularly, or select other coaches with similar expertise.

Can school administrators and staff members use MiniPD for their professional growth too?

Absolutely! Every school or organisation is a learning community – and for that learning community to prosper, everyone needs to participate. MiniPD aspires to give everyone working in education the opportunity to be a self-directed learner, with voice and choice, including school administrators and staff members. Our MiniPD Core Courses bundle, for example, includes courses on Designing Mindsets for Success, Middle Leadership, Building Board Capacity and Designing the Family Journey, etc., which benefits everyone working at a school.

We heard organisations can sign up to use MiniPD too. What additional benefits do MiniPD packages provide?

With a school level subscription, everyone at your school has the same levels of access to MiniPD courses and content – as well as a set amount of coaching sessions, for the comparable price of purchasing a single course. Educators at the school can be assigned courses based on the school’s decisions, and/or choose multiple courses based on their own needs or interests. It alleviates the school leadership’s burden of having to source different PD for different members of the learning community.

Our school has already hired PD professionals to provide training and workshops for us, how would MiniPD be used?

Schools regularly organise PD events for educators, based on their strategic goals for the year. MiniPD is a great way to supplement these PD events, to allow educators to dig deeper into the concepts and practices introduced, and get personalised support while putting these concepts and practices into use in their classrooms.

MiniPD also provides a flexible way for educators to seek help and support on additional topics. Just like the students in our classrooms, there is no one size that fits all our needs! Educators come to MiniPD to get the personalised support they need to grow professionally.

Can I use MiniPD courses and coaching to fulfil my teaching credential renewal?

Absolutely! MiniPD courses and coaching hours can be used towards Continuing Education Contact Hours and even Graduate Units from a Research 1 university in the United States. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

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