Hello, we are the MiniPD team!

We created MiniPD because we believe:

  1. Educators are, first and foremost, learners.  How they approach learning affects how they approach teaching.
  2. Human connection and relationship is pivotal in effective learning.
  3. Learning is most effective when it’s authentic, relevant and ongoing.
  4. All learners deserve to grow in equitable and culturally supportive environments.

Our Story

by Hui Min, MiniPD Founder

I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I was 13 (and here is the back story, if we want to get really personal), i became a teacher when I was 21, and have been working in education since then. My life’s dream is to have a real impact on learning and development, which is what inspired MiniPD.

As the Product Manager of Atlas, Faria’s Curriculum Management Platform, I have had the opportunity to attend many workshops and Curriculum Summits that our wonderful Professional Learning team organized. Two things struck me after attending these workshops and summits. One, our skilled and knowledgeable PD facilitators do their magic and always leave the attendees inspired and excited to try new strategies or processes when they leave our PD events; yet we wish we could be there to help them when they actually DO try these strategies and processes when they go back to their classrooms. Two, at almost every one of the events we host, I would meet a few of the teacher or school admin presenters, who are so impressive that I wish I could ‘steal’ them and share their expertise with other schools that we work with. Yet, life gets busy and coordinating the next time when we could invite them to another one of our events in another part of the world seems like wishful thinking.

On a fateful day in August 2019, when I was texting Kelby Zenor, our VP of PD, I blurted out: If I dare to dream big, I would like to build a platform for Peer-to-Peer PD, and democratize the sharing of expertise. The text went out, and I paused and thought: Why not?

With the help of our talented team, we are proud to bring you MiniPD. We will continue to learn from you, and with you, to make MiniPD a platform that truly gives educators voice and choice on their professional learning journeys.