CAS coordinators no longer need to work alone to build and sustain a successful CAS programme. With the MiniPD interactive PLC, CAS coordinators will have access to resources, strategies, and brainstorming opportunities with other CAS coordinators from around the world.

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The participants of our CAS PLC will come together to collaborate, learn about, and discuss “everything CAS.” This interactive PLC is designed to provide the opportunity for CAS coordinators to bring resources and strategies back to their school community. The series will cover a range of topics and provide examples for participants to review, so they will have the knowledge and skills to build a comprehensive 18 CAS month program.

Heidi Oxley-Whitnell, a MiniPD Coach, will share her expertise and facilitate the dialogue each month as the PLC learns, shares, and grows together.

During the five sessions, participants will:

  • Key components of a successful CAS program
  • Requirements of the students, coordinator and faculty


  • The importance of a CAS program that is mission-aligned and embedded in the school’s strategic plan
  • How to develop legacy within the CAS program
  • The role that the CAS coordinator plays in developing a CAS culture and their responsibilities in leading organizational change
  • The timeline of the day to day, month to month progress students should be making

Be Able To:

  • Complete a SWOT analysis and develop a mission-aligned strategic plan
  • Develop a detailed plan for the next 18 months
  • Strengthen partnerships and collaboratives both internally and externally and develop a support network.

Heidi is one of the many MiniPD coaches who are available to provide 1-on-1 coaching to you and your team on everything CAS related. Create a free MiniPD account today, and book coaching sessions with these experienced coaches to take your CAS programme to the next level!

MiniPD coaches


Heidi Oxley-Whitnell

Manuel Acosta

Anna Orr


Paulomi Chaudhury

Tom Brodie


Christophe Gigon